Special Concerts

Grace Waddell President

 & Board of Directors


Simon Cole Artistic Director


Erica Skowron Manager


Our focus is on classical music in all its forms, from professional concerts to community music education. We perform 10-30 concerts per year in 2018-2019 we have 16 scheduled performances plus 3 free band concerts. I dare say we do more concerts than all the other classical music groups put together. The majority of our concerts are free and all our concerts are free for children.


 We are a BC registered non profit society. in 2011 after 25 years of service to the musical community we took the step of registering our society.


We have toured most of the North from Hartley Bay BC  to Old Crow in the Yukon doing community concerts and formal concerts.

We have created many new works unique to Prince George. We are the leading proponent of Canadian classical music in Prince George through performance and commissioning.

We produced the first full length classical music CD to come out of PG, have played hundreds of school concerts with unique programs (over 30 free shows for school district 57) and produce a variety of musical concerts.

We present fully professional chamber music music concerts of the highest quality using northern musicians. Without us none of these works many which require extensive rehearsal would ever be heard. In addition we program works based on their artistic merit rather than just on audience appeal. Art rather than entertainment. We have created many original musical works that celebrate Prince George and the north.

100% of our local sponsors funding goes back into the community and 100% of all external funding goes to support and grow local arts and we provide an opportunity for local composers to have their works heard.

We perform in small groups of 2-5  up to a small orchestra. Our focus is on great repertoire, high quality performances and unique ideas.

We have performed many free school shows and concerts in care homes and actively run music programs for seniors and adults in Prince George.

Music enriches, sensitizes, creates empathy, gives comfort, stimulates the imagination, all things that are positive for our community.