With our final 2 concerts of the season this past week(Aug 2016) with Greg Prosser Trumpet, Erica Skowron Voice and English horn and Angela Alba Piano we concluded the busiest season ever for Alban Classical and probably any Northern BC performing organization.

As Prince Georges busiest presenter of classical music this year we presented over 22 free professional classical music concerts and a full season of 6 concerts (all free for children).

28 concerts with conservatively over 2000 people reached at a cost of about $5 per listener a phenomenal achievement (on par with our prior year where we gave over 200 free music classes for seniors).

Some of our concerts reached as few as 3 people in a cancer clinic some reached hundreds in public spaces, markets and schools.

We took a small grant from the City of Prince George and more than doubled it with grants from out of town. Erica Skowron manger and performer and Simon Cole artistic director did all the administration work grant writing posters set up at no cost and paid for the music out of their own pockets to enable the concerts to reach as many people as possible and to hire as many local musicians as we could.

Sadly the we were not successful in getting further funding from the city which hurt us in getting outside funding so these free concerts are not continuing this year, thanks to those of you who wrote such kind letters to the city in our support. So we move on to new projects this year.