New this fall...funded by the New Horizons for Seniors Program a Unique opportunity for Seniors and Students of all ages to play together under the mentorship of players from the New horizons Band  this is a band for beginners or players returning to playing after some years. If you are  (or were an advanced player the NHB is a better choice)

This band is free for all participants. There are no tuition fees, music is supplied. We also have a limited number of instruments (26) that are available for  participants that need one to use for the duration of the program.

This program will be simultaneously available Online using Zoom(for registered people).

The program runs though the year on Tuesdays from 530-630.( time changed to 1 hour later for those coming from work)

Instruction from professional musicians with mentorship by senior musicians from the New Horizons Adult Band.

Contact us everyone can join Simon at 250-563-4693 or 250-961-1810 cell/text or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

First session is Sept 15th from 530-630 at 1st Baptist church plan is to deal with instruments and paperwork put instruments together makes some sounds.

Here at AC we are well into our current set of health concerts. We have a professional trio playing 4 concerts at care homes (all very well received to date) and we have a choir and a clarinet ensemble also performing a series of care home concerts.

Funded by the City of Prince George- Alban Classical- We acknowledge the assistance of the Province of BC

We at AC (Simon Cole Artistic- Director and Erica Skowron- Manager) received a small grant from the city and were able to then use BC Gaming  funding to help offset the costs of the concerts. The bulk of the costs music, travel and lots of unpaid rehearsal time were donated by the professional musicians( Alban Classical). So whilst the musician are not entirely volunteers (though management is) it safe to say that without their unpaid efforts none of this would be possible.

There is a reason we are the only group of our kind in Northern BC the effort to maintain the Society, organize concerts, secure funding and maintain high professional musical standards is extraordinarily difficult to maintain.

Costs included Instructor fees for the many training sessions for the clarinet and voice group and a per concert honorarium for each professional musician. The amateur clarinet group played its first concert at the cancer clinic and many very positive and well deserved comments were received.

Playing for your own pleasure and amusement is one thing,  playing to give pleasure comfort to others is entirely different and much more demanding.

What do I mean by health?

Care and attention paid to the players and audience.

Personal achievement for the participants.

Music and its benefits for those not able to get out to a concert.

Deep brain stimulation of classical music for players and audiences.

Bringing back feelings and memories. See the many articles and studies on Alzheimer's and the power of music.

A shared experience for audience and performers.

On a side note Every donation or grant we get is leveraged to double or triple the donated/granted amount. All those funds go back into the local economy and help keep professional classical musicians in Prince George an increasingly difficult task.


Support Alban Classical concerts. Since becoming an official Society in 2011 (we started in 1991) no other group has done more all professional care home and free community concerts than we have( 250+ care home classes and concerts/270+ instructional classes for adults and seniors/ 60+ community concerts). Without us this would not be happening.



With the support of a MyPG grant  we gave free recorder classes ( and instruments) for seniors on Monday afternoon from 3:30 pm. to 4:30 pm. The classes will began on September 12, we gave three concerts at seniors care homes; Simon Fraser, Jubilee Lodge & Laurier Manor

Feedback from participants:

"We have been fortunate to participate in a Senior's recorder group with Erica as our instructor and mentor.

Erica is an excellent teacher --- kind, gentle, pleasant, positive and encouraging, really smart, knows her students and their audience. She is skilled at encouraging, all the while cheerfully challenging one to move forward.

Erica is very community -minded, even arranging opportunities for the group to entertain others. She is very skilled at setting up the program and encouraging the participation of her own students and of everyone.

And that is a GOOD thing!"

The class


Hi Erica,

I just want to say I have thoroughly enjoyed learning to play and hopefully

you will be able to offer class again.

Thanks again,

Sue LeFebvre

"Thank you so much for doing this, Erica, as you can
tell by the attendance, it is much loved by us seniors
as well as by those in homes."

Thank you

  • New Horizons adult band. Meets Mondays from 700-800 pm at 212 Gillett st and from 530-730 at First Baptists Church phone 250-563-4693 Simon Cole NOW ONLINE
  • New Horizons singers and clarinet quartet ongoing rehearsals for public performances.
  • Ongoing; Seniors concerts, Hospital concerts.
  • New Horizons Inter-generational  Band Tuesdays from 530-630 a free program and NOW ONLINE

Band fees

Band fees $150 per term (generally 12-15 weeks) or 420 for the year for both band (not pro-rated in either case).

Drop in fee $20 per session.( for drop in players you may have to read of someones music, better to contact me first so I can print/find a set of parts for you).

The band provides professional instructor(s), sheet music, pays liability insurance, rent, NHBA. membership fees, purchases and maintains some instruments and of course all the additional work needed to maintain a non profit.

Terms: September -December, January 9-March, April-June. Concert at the end of each term plus other concerts