Next band season starts Monday and Tuesday Sept 10th and 11th.

 Cost is $150 for each of the 3 terms or $420 for the year.

 Monday band is from 500-730 at the First Baptist church on 5th.

 Tuesday band is from 500-630 at 212 Gillette St. This band is new starting this year contact us if interested and we will add your name to the list and let you know when we have enough players . This is how the main band started.

 $225 a term if you want to play in both groups (which is a 50% Discount on the second band)

People may arrive late or leave early if they need to.

We have some of the auxiliary instruments (bass clarinet, Eb clarinet, piccolo ) to loan to regular members (not available to drop in players) There is a small monthly charge to cover maintenance starting June 30 2017 as we no longer have a business sponsor covering those costs and funding is highly variable.



Flute & Clarinet: we can take unlimited numbers of flutes and clarinets, we have 2-3 clarinets available to rent.

Alto clarinet: open

Bass clarinet: no openings we have 1 bass clarinet to loan and an Eb clarinet available.

Contra bass clarinet: open

Contra-alto bass clarinet open

Oboe: 1 opening

Alto sax: no openings

Tenor Sax: 1 openings. 2 tenor sax available

Baritone sax 1 opening

Bassoon: 1 opening ( so we have 2)

Trumpet: 0 openings

French horn: 2 openings

Trombone: open

Baritone: 0 openings

Tuba: open

Percussion 1 drum set: no openings

Percussion 2: open

Piano: no openings

Bass guitar: open

Band fees all groups

Band fees $150 per term (generally 12-15 weeks) or 420 for the year for both band (not pro-rated in either case).

Discount rate if you play in both bands.

Drop in fee $20 per session.( for drop in players you may have to read of someones music, better to contact me first so I can print/find a set of parts for you).

The band provides professional instructor(s), sheet music, pays liability insurance, rent, NHBA. membership fees, purchases and maintains some instruments and of course all the additional work needed to maintain a non profit.

Terms: September -December, January 9-March, April-June. Concert at the end of each term plus other concerts

The band on soundcloud